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A good night’s sleep is the essence of a healthy life. And, a good sleep environment is absolutely essential for a good sleep. Explore the world of Mattresses at the best place – The Mattress Venue.

Modern Mattresses are scientifically designed and created with years of research on the science of sleep. A good mattress not only gives you good sleep but also provides a healthy lifestyle. It helps in eliminating problems relating to your back and makes your general health better. The Mattress Venue provides a choice of various brands and types of mattresses. The Mattress Venue is the home to some of the best mattress brands including PEPS, Cirrus, Repose, Kurl-on, and Sleepwell.

You can also physically 'test rest' on the mattresses before you decide which suits your body. The Mattress Venue is the ideal choice for Sleep Advice, Mattress Education, and reliable information. The Mattress Venue is your one-stop shop for great sleep! At The Mattress Venue we have made it our mission to make mattress shopping a wonderful experience. We understand that shopping for a Mattress needs time at the showroom and have created a quiet and relaxing atmosphere that is like taking a nap at home while you understand and make an unhurried decision. At The Mattress Venue we encourage you to ask a lot of questions, slow down and relax. Our showroom people are never in a hurry to make a sale, and they are keen to make you relaxed and comfortable.

Why The Mattress Venue is the right venue for Mattresses?

Size Matters

Investing in a smaller mattress could be a bad choice. Make the choice based on your body size, weight, whether you sleep alone or with your partner. Our range of brands and sizes is exhaustive.


A good mattress should relieve pressure on your joints and your body and NOT cause pain. So do a 'test rest' at our showroom before you decide.

The Right Type

There are several types of mattresses including Innerspring mattresses, Pillow-top mattresses, Euro-Top mattresses , Coir mattresses, Complete Foam mattresses, and more. Check them out at The Mattress Venue.

Understand Health Impacts

Each body is unique and has a unique mattress requirement. Our well-trained showroom people are 'sleep experts' and ensure they understand your body's requirements and lifestyle to help you choose the right mattress.

Want Perfect Quality Mattress

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A good night’s sleep is the essence of a healthy life. And, a good sleep environment is absolutely essential for good sleep.

Incredible Prices, Incredible Service, Always

The Mattress Venue offers incredible prices across all the brands we stock. We are confident that our prices would be the lowest in town. We know mattresses in and out and are the prime mattress store in your town. We understand the variety of sleep solutions that are out there and we carry the top brands that match every sleep need possible. Our sales staff are experienced in mattresses and know the right questions, and answers, to ask and to help you find the right choice for you and your family. If you’re looking for the best Mattress Shop you’ve found the right Venue!

Tips for testing and buying mattresses

What are the factors that make a perfect mattress?


The firmness of the Mattress is the most important factor. It is ideal that your mattress has a firmness that is in between a hard surface and a very soft surface. The level between the two extremes would vary for each individual. Testing is the key.


Different types of mattresses are made of different materials. Modern mattresses are made with high-quality materials to provide better all-around support. Ultimately it is a personal preference - innerspring, gel-based, memory foam, and so on.


The size of your mattress will play a role in how well you sleep, whether you realize it or not. The size will depend on your tendency to stretch out and adopt different positions during the night.


Of course, you will cover the mattress with sheets, but the underlying texture provides a feel to the body. This is a subjective factor and varies between individuals. Also this is something you may not notice unless you are looking for it. Nevertheless, it matters.


Everyone has a budget and will want to consider the price. In the mattress world, you get what you pay for. If you want to get a better-quality long-lasting mattress, be prepared to pay a little more.


Some mattresses last longer than others. The ones that are manufactured with more attention to quality, are naturally going to have a longer lifespan.

Our suggestions for creating the perfect sleep environment

We at The Mattress Venue are always looking for ways to improve your sleep quality. So, we are happy to provide some proven tips to make your bedroom, the perfect sleep environment.

Have a Better Day, Every Day

With the right mattress that suits your sleep style, you can experience less back pain, sleep better and get up with more energy to do the things you love. When you sleep better, you feel better and that’s why The Mattress Venue can help you have a better day, every day and of course great nights.

Have a healthy life with the right Mattress for you,

Team The Mattress Venue

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